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Twenty Minutes Until Ganymede

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A story of life, love, loss and finding purpose in the cosmos.

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The Story of Ganymede

The Origins of Earth’s Oceans

This story was born from my fascination with how earth’s oceans came to be. I spent years learning about our solar system and its forming, the gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn, the rocky inner planets and their magnetospheres. Our own moon, which is the largest in the solar system, when compared with its host, Earth, also drew my imagination. I wasn’t satisfied with the explanation of the bombardment of millions of comets and asteroids. Venus, with the same mass as Earth, doesn’t have the strong magnetosphere, doesn’t have a large moon, and doesn’t have an abundance of water. Mars, which had water on its surface at one time, has no moon and a weak magnetosphere. Was there a link between these three elements: oceans, large moon and a strong magnetosphere, found on Earth? I have a theory. But how do I explain my theory? I call it The Conception Theory. This theory is explained in Issue #2.

My marriage had just ended. My hopes of having a marriage and a family of my own were destroyed by self-deception, a recession, job losses and a series of miscarriages. My dreams of what kind of father I would have been, as well as, reflecting on my own unfulfilled relationship with my own father, led me to write this story and give life to its characters. Their pain is my pain. Their doubts are my doubts. Their dreams are my dreams.

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